Cleaning, Repairing, Restoration or Evaluation

Art To Walk On deals not only in beautiful decades old antique carpets but also the “cream” of modern production from associates in Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, and Ireland. Art To Walk On’s contacts span the globe. 

Each carpet is identified and picked for their quality and durable construction. They can be cleaned and repaired many times and last a lifetime with the appropriate care. We recommend calling us if you have questions, needs for washing, repairing, restoration or evaluation. 

Home Consultation & Approval

When buying a carpet from Art To Walk On, we recommend that you temporarily live with the carpet at home before making a final decision. Art To Walk On's approach is a personal process with expertise and guidance to determine your needs, taste and budget. 

You may have a very clear idea what is the perfect carpet or you have a vague idea. With Eileen’s experience, she can offer advise by visiting your home to assess the space and your personal interests. If the ideal carpet is not in inventory then we either locate them from various resources and vendors or suggest similar carpets to try at your premises for a few days. Living with the carpets and viewing them in the space helps you feel confident with a decision that is destined for the particular space and for your enjoyment.